Q. How long does it take for stickers to come?
A. It takes us up to 3 days to process an order. Once shipped it can take from 4 to 8 business days for your order to come in, depending on where you are located.

Q. My decal will not stick to my surface. (exterior glass/painted surface and/or interior dash)
A. When prepping outside area, use only a cloth and water to clean surface, as most cleaning products leave a thin film behind that will not allow the decal to properly stick. When prepping interior make sure that no waxes or leather/vinyl cleaner (e.i armor all/mothers wax etc.) have been used. Decals will not stick to dash or plastic parts if these items have been used, and you will need to full clean off product to get it to stick.

Q. Do you ship outside of the US?
A. We currently ship to Canada for a flat rate price of $2.50. If you are outside of the US or Canada you can email us with your info and we will work with you to get you your order!

Q. Do you make custom stickers? What do they cost, and is there a minimum?
A. We do make custom stickers. Prices range based on size that you are looking for and design. No minimum is required. Note that we print our decals from solid color sheets, we cannot print images of animals, people, scenes, buildings or multilayer images etc. etc. For more info contact us.

Q. What kind of quality do your stickers offer?
A. Our decals are only 2.5 mils thick, rated for 5 to 7 years outdoor durability and flexibility.

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